Thursday, 23 May 2013

Heritage and Culture - Kerala

Kerala is rich in its diverse culture and traditions.Every hook of corner of this state is abundant in culture and beauty.The vast greenery,lakes,ponds,rivers and the diverse ecosystem enhances the beauty of 'Gods own country'-Kerala .The colorful  festivals and events, mostly with elephant processions, attracts everyone.

I had a recent visit to a village at Palakkad district of Kerala. The beauty of this district is beyond words.I felt a lot of innocence here with farm fields, cattles, hills,arts and artisans. I had met with a  pottery maker, which I would like to share with you. 

There I met a family whose living is on this pottery making.It is a great skill particularly done by a special group  f people in Kerala.The man, the pottery maker, usually makes his pottery using clay collected from nearby places or from the place it is available. The raw clay is smoothend and made a dough using hand. It is then placed in a pottery wheel, a wheel used to mold up the shapes of pottery, and pots of various shapes are made with the help of hand and pottery wheel.It is so amazing to see the whole process done by them. After making a pot in this way, it is removed from the wheel using a thin stick of any metal.The next step is to harden the clay by placing it in a kiln for baking.The hardened pot is sold directly or through shops.

Because of the lower profit and high effort, today many of the youngsters are not coming up in their community for this job. So day by day, this art is narrowing.

Pic 1: Pottery making in a pottery wheel  

Pic 2: The art of making pottery.

Pic 3:Finished  piece from pottery wheel

Pic 4: Partially finished pot to dry 

Pic 4: Completely finished pottery to kiln

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