Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Christmas at Basilica of Our Lady

Basilica of Our Lady at Thrissur, Kerala celebrated Christmas at its maximum. As in previous years the church was crowded with devotees by the eve of Christmas. The church was decorated with fancy light and glitters. The altar was fully occupied with flowers of different colors and fragrance. A big crib was constructed within the church with little Jesus along with Mother Mary and Joseph. The whole arrangement made the viewers to remember the story of the birth of Jesus Christ.

In front of the church, there was a huge Christmas tree. The colorful gift packets and lights on the Christmas tree made it more attractive. The church was fully lighted and there was a variety of Christmas stars to add the beauty. The surroundings of the church were decorated with glitter papers and lights in different colors.

The shops and nearby houses were decorated with lights. Every house had a crib and Christmas tree in its front. The street nearby the church famous for the appam, a Kerala cuisine, was fully crowded. They had a good sale for the food items. The shops were attracting people with colorful stars,Christmas cap and santa clause. This year the market was rules by items from China. The Santa Clause was seen in different styles.Some of them were dancing and singing. The whole items were mainly focused on children.

The church conducted special prayers and observances for Christmas. The devotees had blessings from the father of the basilica. In total, the Basilica of Our Lady had a great Christmas in 2013.

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