Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Eranakulathappan temple festival

It is the season of festivals in Kerala. Kerala temples are celebrating poorams and festivals in the summer season with sunny days and calm nights.

Today, witnessed a temple festival at Eranakulam, Kerala.  The festival was at Eranakulathappan temple in the heart of the town. The temple ground and premises where crowded with sellers, buyers and others who were fully involved in the festival. Caparissoned Elephants where lined up. The decorated lights and sellers added the colors of the festival.The Durbar hall ground, the venue of various cultural programmes has different programmes in connection with Eranakulathappan temple festival. 

The festive sales

The Durbar Hall, that conducts different evenets of the city, is near to the Eranakulathappan temple. An exhibition of Mural Paintings, Varnonmeelanam, by artist Sarans Guruvayoor and his students is taking place in the Durbal Hall. Sarans Guruvayur is a mural artist from Guruvayur who has conducted different painting exhibitions all over India. Varnonmeelanam conducted here is the second edition of its kind by Sarans Guruvayur and group. Communal harmony is the theme of Varnonmeelanam at Durbar Hall. For details contact Sarans Guruvayoor at 09847056467.

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