Thursday, 16 January 2014

International Vedic Workshop - A report.

The 6th International Vedic workshop which was conducted at Kozhikode, Kerala from 07th January 2014 concluded on 10th of the month. The event provided a platform for the get-together of Indologists who were interested in the study of Vedas, the Sanskrit texts. The workshop focused on the rituals and the texts of Vedas. Many scholars in the field of Vedas attended the event.

This year the episode of Vedic workshop provided an opportunity for the participants to see the Vedic chanting and other ritual demonstrations. The Vedic chanters from the School of Rigveda, Yajurveda and Samaveda, the samhithas of veda, from the state of Kerala came here at Kozhikode, for demonstrations and discussions.

On the first day, the 07th of January, there was Ṛigveda chanting by Dr. Parvathy, the only female Ṛigveda chanter in Kerala. There was a session for paper presentations on Vedas. Different papers on Veda from participants all over the world were presented in the session. The first day ended with a Koodiyattam (Kudiyattam) performance, a Sanskrit dance drama. The venue of the first day, except for Kudiyattam performance, was at Hotel Gateway at Kozhikode.

Sargaalaya Craft Village at Vatakara, Kozhikode dt., was the venue of the second day. There was chanting sessions for Rigveda, Yajurveda and Samaveda. There were presentations and demonstrations on the same day. In the crafts village, the delegates were familiarized with the crafts of Kerala. The participants enjoyed the boating in the nearby river and cultural programmes were organized here.

The third and fourth day of the event was conducted at Hotel Gateway. Disucussions and paper presentations were taken place on Veda and Sanskrit texts. The third day ended up with a Carnatic flute recital by Kudamaloor Janardhanan. On the fourth and final day of the event, there was Akshara sloka demonstration in Sanskrit.

The whole program was very informative and there were participants from all over the world. The participants gained experiences and practical knowledge from experts in the session. The International workshops on Veda was held at Harvard University of USA, Kyoto University in Japan, Leiden University at The Netherlands, University of Texas, USA and Centre for Eurasiatic and Afroasiatic Studies (CEAS), Bucharest in previous years.

Image Courtesy: Welcome Kerala Magazine.

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