Thursday, 30 January 2014

ViBGYOR – International Short & Documentary Film Festival

ViBGYOR , the International Short & Documentary Film Festival raises the curtain on February 11 Twenty14 at Thrissur, Kerala. The name ViBGYOR signifies the diversity and beauty of the festival  like the seven colors of the rainbow. “Celebrating Identities and diversities” is the tagline of ViBGYOR, the international festival this year.

Some of the events in the Short & Documentary Film Festival include, film screening, meet the directors, mini conferences and south asian conferences, exhibitions, food and craft fair, resistance music and cultural evening and various local social movements. Registrations are required to participate in the festival. There is family pass, delegate pass and student pass which can be registered online. The focus theme of ViBGYOR 2014 is Gender Justice.

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