Monday, 6 January 2014

Utsavam, the temple festival.

The temple festivals in Kerala called utsavam,is an important part of Kerala tradition. The festival is a event of gathering for the localites in and around the temple. The utsavams of Kerala are colorful and attracts a huge crowd. Usually they are conducted in connection with a myth related to the temple deity. In most temples, the celebration lasts for a week or a month. Special poojas, the tantric ritual, will be conducted all the days. Offerings are done by the devotees for satisfying the deity.

Elephants, fireworks and oracle are the key elements for most of the festivals. Usually, more than one elephant decorated beautifully with a head covering called nettipattam line up for the procession. The utsavams held during night will have fire lamps called pantham carried by one or more people. Fireworks are unavoidable part of temple festivals. Colorful fireworks are displayed in the night of festive days. The performance of oracle, as a part of ritual is believed to please the Goddess of the temple. The oracle, possessed by the Goddess in a red attire, carry a sword in the hand and bless the devotees gathered there.

The Thiruvambadi temple of Thrissur district in Kerala is celebrated its utsavam, locally called pattu utsavam in the first week of January 2014. The festival attracted a large number of people from within and outside the district. The main deity of the temple is Lord Krishna. The Godess bagavathy , Lord Dharmasastha, Lord Ganapathy etc. are the other sub deities. The Thiruvambadi temple play an inevitable role in Thrissur pooram, called the pooram of all poorams. The Thrissur pooram is one of the important temple festivals of Kerala and is known globally.

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